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Photo - Health Club TelemarketingTelemarketing
Premier Fitness Marketing specializes in telemarketing methods that effectively reach prospective club members in the de-conditioned market. We contact both residential and business prospects with an invitation to try your club. When potential members first visit the club, we greet them individually, engage them for a brief interview, take them on a tour of the club, and convert up to 75 percent of them to a full membership. These are new Members who otherwise would have never entered your health club. Take a look at our full scale marketing page to see how you can take advantage of our telemarketing services to increase your EFT base by as much as $15,000 a month.

The FitSmart Life EnhancementsTMMailer Campaign 

This is an EFT driven campaign that targets every health clubs’ target member, the 30-55 year old overweight female. This is your most valued & reliable paying member. 

Direct Mail
Premier Fitness Marketing has designed many health club industry leading direct mail pieces. Do you want the security of knowing your health club is using the most effective direct mail piece available? Let our experience and marketing knowledge benefit your health club. Take a look at Eclipse Printing, the direct mail company that we use exclusively, to view the many direct mail pieces available for your health club. Also, due to the volume of our business, clients of Premier Fitness Marketing receive direct mail discounts not available to the general public.

Radio and Television Advertising
Premier Fitness Marketing has years of experience with both direct response radio and television advertising. We use proven commercials and radio spots that will net up to 175 calls per day. Additionally, Premier Fitness Marketing will negotiate incredibly reduced prices based upon our national buying power. This will provide your facility with not only additional members but also that all important name recognition for months after the initial advertisement.

Blast Broadcast Faxing
Premier Fitness Marketing has the ability to fax up to 4,000 people and/or businesses per hour with a direct response ad that typically nets a response exceeding 1 percent, reaching many prospects that otherwise would never have entered your club.

Corporate Membership Programs
Premier Fitness Marketing has the expertise to blanket your corporate market, visiting small, medium, and large businesses. This allows us to negotiate numerous corporate membership packages for the long-term success of your health club.

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